Best Long Tube Headers For 6.4 Hemi

Best Long Tube Headers For 6.4 Hemi? In the human body, the nose is the major part of the intake system as well as the exhaust system, but in vehicles, there is a separate intake and exhaust system. To understand the significance of proper exhaust, perform an experiment on yourself. Cover your nostrils and do not breathe out the inhaled air. Then, in intervals allow air to move out by gradually opening the nostrils of your nose. You will notice that when your body was not able to breathe out the inhaled air, you had problems with further cycles of inhaling air and your efficiency was ruptured. Similar is the case with vehicles and is explained in the following article.

An engine follows a four-stroke principle and thus each stroke has its own importance. The air-fuel mixture is burnt in the third stroke, which is called the power stroke. After efficient burning, these exhaust gases need to leave the engine cylinders during the exhaust stroke to allow for the infusion of the fresh air-fuel mixture into the cylinder. For the new mixture to accumulate in the cylinder it is important to have a completely emptied cylinder and this puts an emphasis on the efficiency of the exhaust stroke. As much empty is the cylinder corresponding amount of mixture is going to accumulate in it and consequently better explosion and thus better power and efficiency.

In stock vehicles, during exhaust stroke engine loses tons of power for upcoming reasons. When there is resistance to the engine in pushing the exhaust gases out from the cylinder during the exhaust stroke, then we can say that a part of the power is utilized over there. Also, due to inefficient emptying of the cylinder, the fresh air-fuel mixture mixes with the previous residue, and correspondingly loss of power and performance is inevitable. Based on the small lengths of the stock exhaust manifold, the removal of exhaust gases from one cylinder affects all other cylinders as back pressure is developed due to this back pressure, the cylinder does not get emptied properly nor filled properly and we observe a lacking performance.

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Coming over to performance modifications in a vehicle exhaust system, our main aim is to get rid of the back pressure so that each cylinder is independent of another cylinder. Long tube exhaust headers are one of the best modifications in the exhaust system where the back pressure is eliminated completely. All the long tubes take the exhaust out of the engine and merge together in a collector which then directs the gases to the catalytic converter and the muffler and finally to the atmosphere. With a good exhaust header, you can expect the following from the engine

  • Improved Power
  • Improved Torque
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Sound
  • Improved aesthetics under the hood

Whatever the displacement size of the engine is, every engine responds positively to exhaust upgrades but our article is going to deal with Dodge Ram exhaust systems and will provide an answer to the following question

Which are the Best Long Tube Headers For 6.4 Hemi?

To upgrade your Dodge with the best long tube header, the following are two leading brands to consider

The Hedman

Best Long Tube Headers For 6.4 Hemi

Hedman has been in design and production since 1950 and is a premier manufacturer of exhaust headers in the world. The products come with a lifetime warranty against cracks and manufacturing defects and are one of the best upgrades you are considering against your Hemi 6.4.

Hedman 78036 provides you with the best quality which adds a significant amount of horsepower and torque but is a little heavy on the pocket. The 78036 has 1.75-inch tubing which allows your engine to breathe deep and give you maximum energy. It comes with a polished silver ceramic finish which can withstand corrosion as well as a temperature of up to 1400 F. It contains a 3-inch collector and the gases are directed into the catalytic converter using a 2.5-inch pipe.

Hedman also provides you with a performance part if you are low on budget. The 79030 is a part that comes with a 1.625-inch tube diameter and improves the exhaust flow significantly. These tubes collect the gases from the engine cylinder and direct them to a large 3-inch collector from where they are taken to a catalytic convertor using a 2.5-inch pipe. One of the important and common points in both these headers is that they contain long tubes, thus, it does not allow for any back pressure to buildup. Due to this reason, an efficient filling and emptying of cylinders are achieved which contributes to engine performance positively in every respect, like power, torque, efficiency as well as sound. Moreover, the aesthetics of vehicles are also improved as a result of degradation.

BBK Exhaust headers

Best Long Tube Headers For 6.4 Hemi

Thinking of upgrading the exhaust headers of your 6.4 Hemi? If yes, then BBK won’t disappoint you because it has a lot of engineering work involved in the development of performance parts for American muscle cars. This company has been producing quality parts since a time when the majority of people were not even aware of the concept and equipment that vehicles used.

One simple principle of upgradation is that as much more fuel is burnt that much bigger is the explosion and as a result, we achieve improved torque and power. BBK uses fully CNC mandrel bent tubing with thick laser-cut flanges. The heavy gauge and 1.75-inch tubing improve the exhaust flow by 35% thus adding significant power and torque gain to the vehicle. 

The part comes with a beautiful finish and thus adds aesthetics to your vehicle. It is a bolt-on part and with this part, you experience a gain of 14-20 hp. Lastly, it also improves the sound of your Dodge Hemi Ram 5.7.

This was our Guide to Best Long Tube Headers For 6.4 Hemi

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