Best Lift Kit for F350 Super Duty

Are you looking for the best lift Kit for F350 super duty? Look no further! This post Will share a list of the best lift Kit for your Ford 350 super duty and explain the features and benefits.

One of the most sought-after market modifications in the Ford 350 is the lift modification. This modification gives the vehicle a higher profile by lifting the car’s body or the suspension. Depending on this, there are two lift kits: the body lift kit and the suspension lift kit.

Body Lift Kit

A body lift kit can only lift the body from the frame. It is usually one to three inches, consisting of blocks and spacers. Other essential features of the body lift kit are that it may allow for slightly taller tires as it increases the height of the wheel wells. 

One thing to keep in mind about the body lift is that it does not increase ground clearance. A body lift kit is a relatively inexpensive option when it comes to lifting kits; however, you may have to add certain modifications and additions to it depending on the vehicle’s model and the equipment’s height. 

These modifications include raising the bumper or extending the gearshift. The primary purpose of these modifications is to adjust the body lift. 

The major drawback of the body lift kit is that it does not increase the travel or improve the suspension capability of the vehicle. So, a body lift kit might not be the right option for you if you are an off-roader. 

Suspension Lift Kit

Another type of lift kit is the suspension lift kit. As the name indicates, it raises the suspension of your vehicle. Most of the suspension lift kits come in 4-inches and 6-inches of sizes. It does so mainly by replacing leaf springs and shocks. 

A big plus-point of the suspension lift kit over the body lift kit is that the former allows for taller tires. This ability of the suspension lift kit allows for more significant travel. Not only that, but it also improves clearance between axles and ground. 

However, you still may need to add a steering stabilizer to your vehicle as the steering geometry is affected most of the time in the suspension lift kit. 

As the suspension lift has more benefits than the body lift, the former is more expensive. The average size of the suspension lift kit has already been mentioned. However, you can have a suspension lift kit as high as 18-inches. 

Although available, very high lift kits are not safe for regular cars. They are difficult to install and handle so you won’t see them as commonly around.  

Best Lift Kit for F350 

As far as Ford 350 is concerned, it would be best if you were very particular about the lift kit you opt for. Here are a few options that you can consider if you are done with way too many options and do not know what to buy. 

1. Ready Lift 17 Super Duty 2.5″ Spring Leveling Kit (462728)

Ready Lift 17 Super Duty 2.5 Spring Leveling Kit (462728)

Ready Lift is one of the most trusted brands for accessories for Ford, especially lift kits. The design of this lift kit from Ready Lift is crafted especially with upper strut extensions. The lift positions the strut in a mounting angle position. 

The sway bar of this lift kit is coated with powder for s better handling and working. Overall, the lift kit has a very durable finish.

2. Super Lift Suspension | 9335 | 3-inch Block Kit

Super Lift Suspension  9335  3-inch Block Kit

Second, on the list is a 3-inch suspension lift kit from Super Lift which is ideal for Ford 350. The design consists of 3 7/8 axle tubes with top mounted overload leaf. Overall, the design is durable, and the construction is high quality. 

One major plus-point of this lift kit is that it is specific for Ford 250 and 350. So, you know that it is ideally designed for your needs. This kit from Super Lift consists of four U-bolts, all nuts, and washers needed for installation. You won’t have difficulty installing it as it comes with a step-by-step manual.

3. Ready Lift 46-2729 2.5” Coil Spring Front Lift Kit

Ready Lift 46-2729 2.5'' Coil Spring Front Lift Kit

Another worth-considering option from Ready Lift is their 2.5-inch lift kit that features four Bilstein shocks (both front and rear). The design also features a front track bar bracket.

The kit allows for 35-inch-tall tires. Overall, it is an excellent production of the Ready Lift, but it is only compatible with diesel trucks.

4. Supreme Suspensions – Full Lift Kit

Next on the list is the total lift suspension kit from Supreme Suspensions. It consists of the following:

  • (2x) High-Strength Steel Front Lift Blocks
  • (4x) Premium Electrostatic Powder Coated U-Bolts (3″ Wide), 
  • (2x) T6 Billet Aluminum Lift Blocks, 
  • (4x) Premium Electrostatic Powder Coated U-Bolts (3.5″ Wide), 
  • (1x) Heavy Duty Adjustable Trackbar, Installation Hardware, 
  • Installation Instructions, 
  • Supreme Suspensions ProPack with Brand Logo Stickers
  • one Premium Neoprene Can Cooler.

Although the list of contents is quite elaborate, installing this lift kit is not difficult. All you have to do is follow the instructions. One significant advantage of this lift kit is that it allows ground clearance to fit giant rims and tires. Other benefits of this lift kit include stability and precision. 

What to Look for in a Lift Kit?

A lift kit is an accessory that you don’t buy every day. It is often a one-time investment, so you must be very smart with your decision. Here are a few parameters to judge a potential lift kit.

Your type of drive

If you are a pale rider who prefers staying on low-speed trails, then go for a lift that offers soft-valved shocks and low spring rates. If the case is otherwise, you will need a ride that provides strong shocks and springs. In this scenario, other features are increased wheel travel, mono-tube style, and bypass shocks. 

Types of lift kit

As already discussed in the beginning, now you must know about the types of lift kits in the market. It is essential to assess your requirements and select the style of the lift kit accordingly.

Vehicle compatibility

Last but not least, it is essential that the lift kit you select aligns with your vehicle, Ford 350, in the current case. 


There are many benefits to buying a lift kit. You can modify the height of your vehicle. Other than that, lift kits prevent any unfortunate scenario from arising while braking or accelerating. Also, remember that you won’t get all you want in one lift kit. It would help if you made compromises to land on a good option per your circumstances. 

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