Best Headers for Chevy 350

Are you looking for the best headers for Chevy 350? This post offers a professional overview of the best headers available on the market today.

Header choice is a critical part of the engine-building process. Not only does the header have to match the engine, but it also has to be compatible with driving habits.

Are you in search of the best aftermarket header for your Chevy 350? Well, then you have come to the right place. I have gathered some best aftermarket headers you can buy for your Chevy 350. The headers on my list include FlowTech 11500FLT, JEGS Mid Length Header, PowerGo Motosport, Sanderson CC1C, and A-Team Performance Ceramic Coated Header.

Further, in this post, I will provide information on each header, including its specs and benefits, and links to where you can buy these headers. So, read on to learn more.

What is the Purpose of Installing an Exhaust Header?

The idea behind headers and aftermarket exhaust systems is to provide improved exhaust gas evacuation. If these flue gases stay in the combustion chamber, they will occupy space that is to be utilized by incoming fresh air and fuel. As a result, the engine loses some of its potential power and torque. 

To cope with this problem, external headers are designed. The primary tubes of the header are connected to a collector, which effectively scavenges exhaust gases and enables a more thorough discharge of exhaust gases from the cylinder.

Things to Look for When Buying an Exhaust Header

Before mentioning all products, I would like to mention a few important things you need to be aware of when buying a header for your Chevy 350.

The Right Tube Size

The header tube size depends upon your needs. If you want to install a header for street driving, then a header with primary tubes of diameter 1.5 to 1.625 inches, and a collector of 2.5 to 3 inches will work fine.

However, for racing applications, you will need a slightly higher diameter of primary pipes (up to 1.75 inches) and the collector (3.5 inches).

Short vs Long Tube Headers

Headers are available normally in two lengths, short and long. Short Headers are used when space is a constraint within the engine bay or in cars with lower bases. They can be easily installed with the current exhaust system. Each of the short tubes equally scavenges gases out of the cylinder block, keeping the power constant and torque within a modern range.

Long tube headers have long primary tubes converging into a broader connector. The long pipe length ensures that back feed gases don’t go in a different tube. These tube headers significantly enhance the overall power.

Header Coating

Headers are normally available with a chrome or ceramic coating. Though chrome headers look nice and aesthetically good, their color peels off after some time. Whereas ceramic-coated headers are corrosion-resistant, and their duo with steel is a durable option.

5 Best Headers for Chevy 350

It is hard to find the exhaust header for engines like Chevy 350 in the market. So, keeping in view some points mentioned in the earlier section, I have shortlisted the five best headers that you can use for your Chevy 350.

1. Flowtech 11500FLT

Flowtech 11500FLT

The first product on my list is from a leading exhaust retailer, FlowTech. To ensure perfect and enhanced performance, the Flowtech headers are designed with mandrel-bent tubing.

Furthermore, the brand claims that all its O-ring port seals are completely leakproof. The other good news is that you get to see all the hardware within the packaging. The heat-resistant black coating gives it a more subtle look.


  • Long Tube Header
  • Enhances Engine’s Fuel Economy
  • Mandrel bent tubing
  • Heat Resistant Black Coating
  • 5/16″ flanges equipped with leakproof sealing rings


  • Build quality needs improvement

2. JEGS Mid-Length Headers

JEGS Mid-Length Headers

Next, we have a mid-length header by JEGS. This TIG welded header has 1-5/8” mandrel bent tubes, 5/16” thick flanges, and 3’’ collectors.

Like other exhaust headers, it is also painted black, which makes it look somewhat aggressive. The product package also includes all hardware for installation i.e. reducers, gaskets, etc.


  • Moderate-size tubing for efficient exhausting
  • Thick Black Paint
  • Support for multiple Vehicles
  • The package includes the necessary gadgets


  • Installation can be challenging

3. POWERGO Motorsport 1100003630 Exhaust Header

POWERGO Motorsport 1100003630 Exhaust Header

POWERGO’s shorty header is designed to boost your car’s performance and can be used in LS-based V8 engines and trucks. Since its use case spreads to heavy-duty applications, it is built from a strong 16-gauge stainless steel sheet.

Speaking of dimensions, Motorsport 1100003630 has primary tubes measuring 1-5/8 inches and the collector measuring 2-1/2 inches.

The structure is precisely cut with a laser, flattened by the hydraulic press and then TIG welded together. To prevent the header from rusting, its surface has been polished.


  • Polished surface to prevent corrosion
  • Thick Primary tubes and collector
  • Strong TIG welded Joints
  • Solid Build Quality (16-Guage Stainless Steel)


  • Installation may require modifications within the bay

4. Sanderson CC1C Coated Block

Sanderson CC1C Coated Block

Next, we have a Sanderson Block Hugger. It is made of steel and coated with ceramic making it another good choice for the small-block Chevy engine. The 1-1/2 inches primary pipes and 3-inch collector make it another good option for street applications.

Being a Canadian-origin brand, the header is slightly expensive compared to other headers on my list.


  • Canadian Header
  • Strong Steel Construction
  • Ceramic coating for corrosion resistant


  • Expensive compared to other headers

5. Tight-Fit Block Hugger Header by Speedway Motors

Tight-Fit Block Hugger Header by Speedway Motors

Speedway also designs some great exhaust systems. This hugger is one of the products designed to fit small block Chevys. It comes with broad 1-5/8-inch pipes and a 2.5-inch collector; pretty much similar to what we saw in other collectors.

The complete package contains bolts, gaskets, and 2-inch reducers for connecting to your exhaust system.

It is a cheaper product. However, has a few drawbacks. It’s painted black, the color fades away over time. So, it is recommended to add a heat-resistant coating to it.


  • Wide Pipes and collector
  • Complete accessories to attach it to the engine
  • Cheaper exhaust header


  • May not fit in angular plug heads

6. Ceramic Coated Hugger by A-Team Performance

Ceramic Coated Hugger by A-Team Performance

Next, we a have ceramic-coated block hugger header. The ceramic coating over the stainless-steel construction makes it a solid choice.

Its primary tubes are 1-5/8 inches in diameter whereas the collector is 3 inches in diameter. These dimensions are optimum for normal performance and daily use applications. The manufacturer claims that it can add up to 18 RWHP to the engine.


  • Ceramic Coating plus stainless-steel Construction
  • Adds up to 18 RWHP to the engine
  • Optimum Pipe and Collector Size


  • May not fit properly on some models

Final Words

Finding the right header can be often hard if you lack some technical knowledge regarding the products. However, I hope that my brief guide would have helped you decide on the best header for your Chevy 350.

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