Best Carburetor for Chevy 350

When it comes to finding the best carburetor for Chevy 350, you have a lot of different options to choose from. There are several different carburetors on the market that are designed specifically for this engine, and each one has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. But, it can be hard to find the appropriate one.

To help you get through this situation, I have shortlisted five such carburetors that you can install on your Chevy 350 engine. The carburetors on my list include Rochester Jet 35002, Quick Fuel 600CFM, Holley 0-1805, Edelbrock 1405, and Demon 1901.

Further, I will discuss the pros and cons of each option, so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your vehicle.

5 Best Carburetors for Chevy 350

The role of a carburetor in an engine is to provide the engine with the correct mixture of fuel and air. This is important for ensuring that the engine can run properly and generate power. Without a carburetor, the engine would not be able to function properly.

Though the engine comes with a pre-installed stock carburetor, some car owners are always looking for ways to boost their engine performance. One such way is adding an aftermarket carburetor to the engine.

If you are in search of an aftermarket carburetor for your Chevy 350, look no further. I have gathered some of the best options you will find in the market.

1. Jet 35002 Rochester Quadrajet Stage 2 Carburetor

Jet 35002 Rochester Quadrajet Stage 2 Carburetor

The first one on my list is Rochester’s Jet 35002, which is Amazon’s choice product in Auto replacement parts. As its name suggests, it is a stage 2 version i.e. an upgraded version of its predecessor. However, it still bears all the features, the first Quadrajet had.

It comes with a manual choke, making it easier for you to control the engine’s temperature. However, this may be a problem for some car owners who prefer electric chokes.

Additionally, it has a dual intake manifold, made from Aluminium, which increases the surface area. Consequently, resulting in a better intake. Lastly, it is a 4-barrel carburetor providing maximum horsepower and stable transition in running and idle state.


  • 4-barrel carburetor
  • Easy installation
  • Improved throttle response and transition between states


  • Manual Control can be a problem for some.

2. Quick Fuel 600 Cfm 4 Barrel Electric Choke

Quick Fuel 600 Cfm 4 Barrel Electric Choke

Quick Fuel 600 is one the popular electric choke carburetors in the market for Chevy 350. The aluminum components make the carburetor lighter.

It will undoubtedly provide your engine with outstanding performance and economy since many professionals have recommended this carb to me.

You can easily install and utilize it right out of the box. After installation, it only needs a few little modifications to be fine-tuned. Lastly, it does have a secondary metering plate with changeable jets. 


  • Don’t need to replace the springs
  • Lightweight Aluminium Design
  • Easy installation
  • 600 CFM: Optimum size for Chevy


  • May require some modification after installation

3. Holley – 0-1850S Classic Carburetor 4160

Holley - 0-1850S Classic Carburetor 4160

Next on my list is Holley’s best-selling carburetor, the 1850S. It handles 600 CFM airflow, which makes it another great option for Chevy 350.

The best thing about this carburetor is its solid build quality; it is fully built from metal with no plastic parts. Furthermore, the dichromate coating saves it from corrosion.

You can easily manipulate it with the mechanical choke. Moreover, its universal calibration is another characteristic that makes it quite popular.


  • Excellent Gold Dichromate finishing for corrosion resistance
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Can be used on a variety of vehicles
  • Fully metallic
  • Protection against blow off
  • Float Bowls (Side Hung)


  • None

4. Edelbrock 1405/1406Performer 600 CFM 4-Barrel Carburetor

Edelbrock 14051406Performer 600 CFM 4-Barrel Carburetor

The Edelbrock 1405 Performer Carburetor is another great option for those who are looking for a high-performance carburetor for their Chevy 350 engine. I have personally tested this product and found its throttle response great. You can either choose the manual choke option (1405) or the electric one (1406).

One of the great things about this carburetor is its tune-holding ability; once you tune it, it stays tuned. Secondly, there are no power valves, you don’t have to worry about their blow-offs during engine backfires. Overall, it’s great for street performance.


  • 4 Barrel Air valve carburetor
  • Shiny silver finish
  • Manual Choke and Electrical Choke Options
  • Designed and Calibrated for Gasoline engine


  • May not be compatible with certain engine motors

5. Demon 1901 625 CFM Street Demon Carburetor

Demon 1901 625 CFM Street Demon Carburetor

Demon 1901 is another lightweight carburetor for Chevy 350. It has an electrically controlled choke which is quite popular nowadays.

The carburetor is ideal for stock V8 engines and is proven to provide better throttle response and stable idling. The carburetor is configured such that is “run-ready” for various engines.

Lastly, it’s a 625 CFM carburetor and offers the highest flow compared to other products on the list. And the one-piece assembly makes it much easier to install.


  • Lightweight Aluminium construction
  • Electric choke
  • Ideal for Stock V8s
  • 2 Stage Metering Rods
  • Enhanced throttle response


  • Compatibility issues with some engines

Things to Consider When Buying a Carburetor

Lastly, I would like to mention a few important things you surely have to consider when looking for a carburetor.

Carburetor Size

You need to pick up the right size for the carburetor. This size is measured in terms of airflow through the carburetor, CFM (cubic feet per minute). To determine the right size for your car you can use the following formula,

CFM = (Engine Volume (cc) x  Engine Max RPM) / 3456 CFM.

For instance, if we consider the case of the Chevy 350, the engine volume is 350 cc, and the rpm is about 5500 rpm. On substituting the values, you get the estimated carburetor CFM you need for your engine is 557 CFM. So, any carburetor offering more than 550 CFM will work fine in this case.

CFM = 350 x 5500 / 3456 = 557 CFM

Choke Type

You also get to see a choice in some carburetors where you can either go with an electric choke or a manual choke, as seen in motorbikes. The electric choke is much easier to control in my opinion. However, you can go for the one which you are comfortable with.

2-Barrel or 4 Barrel

You may have seen 2 -barrel or 4 -barrel on the carburetor specification. The 2-barrel is smaller in size and defaults on most vehicles. Whereas, 4 -the barrel is bigger, offers more air volume, and significantly raises the engine power.

Final Words

Finding the right carburetor for an engine like Chevy 350 is hard. You need to have sound technical knowledge of carburetor sizing and other factors that come into play. In this article, I tried to make things simpler by listing down a few best carburetors and sharing how you can find the right carburetor for your engine.

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