Best Ball Joints for Dodge RAM 3500

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Without a decent set of ball joints, your vehicle’s suspension system won’t function properly. Ball joints are a crucial component of a vehicle’s suspension system. These joints connect the wheels to the suspension system and provide your car the freedom it needs to move freely in either direction as it crosses a rough road. Both the lower control arm and the upper control arm use ball joints. Compared to the upper control arms, the ball joints on the lower control arm are subject to larger loads and need to be replaced more frequently.

A good connection between the control arm and steering knuckle is provided by the ball joints, which also smooth out the suspension system of your car. A ball joint allows a vehicle to move in two dimensions but when when two ball joints are used in conjunction with control arms then a vehicle can move in all three planes.

Ball joints inevitably deteriorate over time, so you will eventually need to replace them. The fact that poor joints might put you in a situation where your wheel and vehicle become disconnected can illustrate how serious the problem is. Therefore, it is crucial to take good care of these parts. The following are some symptoms of a worn-out ball joint.

  • Increased vibrations
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Car pulling on one side
  • Rattling/ clunking noises

The only solution for the aforementioned problems is to replace in a high-quality ball joint. With a good replacement set we can increase the life of our component. The Dodge Ram 3500 truck will be the subject of our conversation moving forward, and the following question will be addressed as we go.

What are the best ball joints for Dodge Ram 3500?

Companies and third parties have made considerable improvements to the suspension system via massive investment, but because it is constantly exposed to severe pressures, deterioration is unavoidable. As a result, you can add high-quality components to prolong the suspension system’s lifespan. The most highly regarded brands for Ram 3500 ball joints are listed below.

MOOG Ball Joints – K7467

moog ball joints – k7467

For larger cars and extremely difficult routes, MOOG uses a pragmatic approach when designing various suspension parts. Due to its increased tenacity, sturdiness, and longevity, K7467 is among the most favored set of ball joints for Dodge 3500, all over the world.

The MOOG K7467 is made of powder-coated metal with gusher bearings and grease in between, which provides minimal friction and considerably increases the life. A heat-treated stud forms the basis of increased strength and dependability. The life and wear of the bearing are improved by reducing dust and debris using a pressed-in cover plate. Due to the greaseable design of K7467, impurities can be flushed away, reducing wear.

After installing the MOOG K7467, your Dodge Ram 3500 will ride quietly and comfortably. It is advised to hire a mechanic because installing the part is not that easy.

TRW Ball Joints – JBJ854

trw ball joints – jbj854

A global provider of automotive parts based in the United States, TRW Aftermarket assures its customers of both increased strength and efficiency. One of the greatest fits for your Dodge 3500 is unquestionably TRW JBJ854.

The housing for the TRW JBJ854 is composed of cold-formed steel, increasing its strength and dependability in extreme circumstances. For smooth articulation, the ball and stud are both highly polished and encased in high-strength polymer bearings. In addition to polishing, the whole assembly (ball joint) is given a high-quality coating, such as geo-met or stainless steel, to assure corrosion resistance. The polymer bearing in which the ball is encapsulated is made of glass fiber-reinforced polymer, which has great strength, resilience, and minimal friction. High-quality grease is used to permanently seal the bearings, ensuring their maintenance-free nature. TRW JBJ854 can withstand the harshest road shocks without sacrificing steering or suspension feel. 

TRW bases its operations on safety and dependability, and to guarantee the quality of its components, it does various tests, including those for axial and radial elasticity, rotational ability, breakaway torque, and pull push-out forces. An impartial testing facility in Germany is in charge of administering these exams. Each TRW product is certified following 500k cycles of endurance testing.

Mevotech Ball Joints

mevotech ball joints

Mevotech is an expert in car suspension systems. If you choose Mevotech supreme ball joints for your Dodge Ram 3500, you won’t be dissatisfied.

These items are designed to be more durable under all circumstances. We achieve a long lifespan with the aid of self-lubricating sintered bearings. It uses a large-diameter ball to minimize loadings. An anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment are applied to the ball joint and a multi-lip boot is used to keep pollutants out.

Mevotech ball joints are built to be simple to install and are put through a lot of testing to ensure that they will perform and last in real-world situations. These give the car strength and performance while also giving the driver the necessary confidence.

Dana Spicer Ball Joints – 2001258

dana spicer ball joints - 2001258

Dana has over a century of experience in highly developed automotive equipment since it was founded in 1904. Spicer Ball joints are a US-made item that Dana offers for your RAM 3500 and restores the original suspension system of your car and it enhances the ride quality.

Spicer joints (2001258), which are designed for harsh environments and are permanently sealed, giving us maintenance-free bearings. Larger ball studs used in Spicer ball joints help to lighten the load. Spicer ball joints come with a dust boot that keeps the dirt and debris off to extend the life of the item and are surface treated for increased corrosion and rust resistance.

Spicer ball joints can be used to restore your original suspension system. Although the system installation is not a simple process, hiring a qualified expert is advised.

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