Best 4 Inch Lift Kit for Dodge RAM 1500 4wd

Best 4 Inch Lift Kit for Dodge RAM 1500 4wd? Pickup trucks and SUVs are selling like hotcakes in almost all major markets around the world and there seems to be no end in sight to this craze. Consequently, the demand for aftermarket accessories and modifications has also risen considerably. If one has to single out a brand primarily responsible for heating up the pickup competition and craze in recent times, then it would be none other than RAM. The automaker has been churning out some of the most unique pickup offerings but the 1500 model remains the undisputed king so far.

A Brief Intro to the RAM 1500:

The RAM 1500 combines all the classic features of a pickup be it a great towing capacity, payload capacity, spaciousness, and rugged looks with features like a luxurious interior and supple ride. This unique combination has defined the success of the crown jewel of the RAM lineup. In fact, the long list of awards to RAM 1500 stretches so long that no other pickup has so far managed to keep up with it. With such widespread popularity, people are naturally looking to make their 1500 stand out from others both visually and mechanically. One popular way is to install a lift kit which, as the name suggests, lifts up a vehicle and gives it a more imposing stance. Besides this, there are several other advantages that make for a good case for you to install a lift kit on your RAM 1500 4wd. The following passages briefly go through the pros, so you know what you will get by opting for a lift kit:

Enhanced Off-Roading Capability:

A lift kit may only add a few more inches of ground clearance to your truck but these few inches come in extremely handy when traversing through challenging terrains and obstacles. The enhanced ride height, in turn, increases the approach and departure angles which is vital for hardcore off-roading.

Imposing Stance:

Pickups like the RAM 1500 are already known for their road presence but there is always room for improvement. Installing a lift kit amplifies the stance and appeal of purpose-built off-roaders and RAM 1500 4wd is no exception in this regard.

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Bigger-Knobby Tires:

If there is one thing that is on the bucket list of every off-roading enthusiast, it is none other than giant knobby tires. However, the stock ride height does not allow the liberty to install such tires but with the right lift kit, you can get those knobby tires installed on your RAM 1500 4wd right away and take it wherever you want whenever you want.

Improved Visibility:

It is a no-brainer that a lift kit will automatically improve your ride’s visibility not only on rough terrains but also on paved roads. This improved visibility is an added bonus on top of the sense of superiority one feels when driving a pickup like the RAM 1500.

Why the 4” Lift Kit is the Best Choice?

Lift kits come in a variety of sizes and variations, and it may be hard for some to decide the right size for their vehicle. The most popular variations tend to be either 2”, 4” or 6”. We discuss below why the 4” lift kit is the best choice for your 1500 4wd pickup:

Most pickup owners often ignore the 2” lift kit altogether because of its marginal impact on the ground clearance and the ride height. On the other hand, a 6” kit may seem like an enticing idea, but the reality is many who opt for it end up regretting their decision because it compromises the ride quality, handling, and stability to a greater extent than 2” or 4” kits. Gas mileage may not be a concern for many pickup owners but a 6” inch hits the gas mileage the worst.

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Keeping in view all these facts, it is wise to go for the mid-tier option i.e., a 4-inch lift kit. 4-inch kits do not compromise driving dynamics to as greater an extent as 6-inch kits and at the same time, they provide enough ground clearance to make hardcore off-roading possible. The increase in the ride height also frees up enough space to install bigger, chunkier, and knobby tires that will enable your truck to sweep through the most challenging of terrains. Lastly, getting in and out of your truck would not be a hassle with a 4” lift kit, which is something that often gets ignored during the planning stage.

Getting the Best 4 Inch Lift Kit for Dodge RAM 1500 4wd:

Figuring out the best 4-inch lift kit for your RAM 1500 can be a cumbersome process especially when there are myriad choices available in the market. Plus, not every lift kit is created with the same manufacturing and quality-control standards. Therefore, it is vital to choose and invest wisely. For your convenience, we have thoroughly researched and come up with these three options that we think will be the best choice for your RAM 1500 4wd.

Zone Offroad D42N 4” Suspension Lift Kit:

Zone Offroad is a tried and tested name in the suspension and lift kits category, so it is no surprise their 4-inch lift kit ranks #1 in this list. All the components included in the package are designed as such to maintain proper handling characteristics and to work with the stock traction control setup. A differential skid plate is also included in the package to provide added protection in rough terrains. In short, the 4” kit by Zone Offroad offers all that you require from a quality lift kit, and that too at a rather affordable price tag.

Superlift K119 4” Inch Lift Kit:

Another contender in the list of the best 4” lift kits for the RAM 1500 is the Superlift K119. Compatible with gas and eco-diesel variants of the RAM 1500 4wd, this lift kit is without a doubt the best choice for your pickup. Superlift is famous amongst the pickup fraternities for its quality products and its lifetime warranty is a testament to its quality products. The price too is great for a quality lift kit setup containing all the goodies needed to lift a truck from its stock ride height.

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ReadyLift 69-1040 4” Lift Kit:

Not everyone has well over 1000 bucks to shell out on a lift kit setup and that too without the labor cost. However, this does not mean you have to sacrifice your grand ambitions for your beloved 1500 4wd. With ReadyLift’s 4” lift kit setup you can easily lift your truck without having to burn through the savings. The package includes tubular upper control arms, though the entire setup is not compatible with factory air suspension which is something that you need to keep in mind before ordering. Another key thing to note is the fact that ReadyLift’s lift kits are not intended for off-road abuse which is somewhat obvious considering the extremely affordable price tag. 

That was our Best 4 Inch Lift Kit for Dodge RAM 1500 4wd Guide


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